The Caribbean consists of 35 countries and territories spanning across 1.6 million kilometers of land and sea. With a total population of 45 million people, and a combined visitor throughput of another 44.6 Million people, the Caribbean is a strong region for brand development. Trade in the region has grown significantly as the Caribbean has become a high demand market, recognizable on a global scale. Every supplier in the world is seeking distribution in this market, as tens of millions of people visit the Caribbean every year to experience the perfect weather, fine dining, and outdoor activities. Tourism thrives here primarily because of the wide range of “things to do” which caters to young, middle aged, and older tourists. The number of hotel developers, airlines, and cruise lines have also sky rocketed to accommodate for the increased year over year tourism growth seen throughout the Caribbean. This has led to positive benefits that are directly impacting the alcohol trade. Being centrally located in the heart of the Caribbean (St. Lucia) has allowed our company to develop lifelong relationships with our distributors. Our understanding of restaurant menu pairing, suggested retail listings, and marketing strategy have enabled us to offer our customers end to end service from winery to table. There is no better time than now to partner with our team of experienced sales professionals.